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Good Morning

Good morning!
Lifters and leaners,
Recent school leavers,
Stair-raillers and Braillers,
And those out of luck.

I hope you learned your compound interest,
Because your healthcare is private,
And your retirement is fucked.
Good morning!

Good morning, and good luck.

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Tim Wilson’s oblivious nonsense

December 6, 2013:

But the solution is more speech, not less. We should preserve the right to speak out, mock them and ridicule them for the stupidity of their comments or the hate in their heart.

And that also applies for incorrect statements. Free speech isn’t limited to factual accuracy. If it were, we’d never have a contest of ideas where ideas are proposed, exposed and corrected.

March 30, 2014:

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this article had a misleading headline, ‘We should be able to say n****’. apologises to Mr Wilson for any offence it may have caused.

You could argue that an idea was proposed, exposed and corrected. But in this case, it was the title of a news report, not Tim Wilson’s oblivious nonsense about free speech and discrimination.

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